Top Tips to Find Used Cars in Adelaide

Posted on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 - 00:00

Whether you’re in the hills, Gawler, Clearview or Unley, there are many opportunities to find great deals on used cars in Adelaide. If you’re looking for an upgrade, downsize or maybe something with a bit more grunt there’s many options out there. We’ve put together this guide with all the top tips to get the most out of finding used cars in Adelaide!

1. Online car classifieds

If you’re on our website, you’ve made the right decision! Online car classifieds such as CarClick are the easiest and fastest place to find used cars in Adelaide. You can connect not only with private sellers but also with dealerships that might have new additions to their used or certified used car catalogue. The great thing about online classifieds is that you can set up notifications to tell you when a car you’re looking for just hit the marketplace. The downside is that you may have to pay fees to join. CarClick is 100% free for buyers and sellers to use.

2. Used car supermarkets and wholesalers

If you’re prepared to do a lot of walking and a lot of talking, you should check out one of Adelaide’s many used car supermarkets and wholesalers. Selling privately is a lot of hassle for some, so they opt to trade it in to one of these specialist wholesalers or “supermarkets,” which may have upwards of 500 cars on the lot at any one time. There’s usually a whole selection of brands, makes, models and colours available.

3. The newspaper or trade magazine

Though many of us aren’t opening up the ‘Tiser and finding used cars as much as we used to, it’s still worth the effort of getting the latest Trading Post or Cars Guide insert and finding listings you might have missed. There’s nothing wrong with doing your homework the tried and true way

4. Visiting your Local Dealership

Visiting your local dealership is still a great option. If none of the cars on their lot is of interest. Your local car dealer has all the connections required to find that exact perfect vehicle you are looking for.

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